Long while (2016)

Virva Kanerva ja Janika Salonen
Long while
Taidekeskus Mältinranta Studio
2.1.- 19.1.2016

Long while exhibition artists are sculptor Virva Kanerva and printmaker Janika Salonen. Both live and work in Lahti, Finland. Long while exhibits sculptures and installations from Virva Kanerva, and monotype and drypoint prints from Janika Salonen. The exhibition title – Long while – both related to the themes of the artists of the time and temporality, although from different perspectives. Kanerva describes the time through the recollections and the human experience while Salonen attempts to describe the essence of time, to do portraits of time. At the other extreme is Kanerva’s short moments of time which felt lonely and second Salonen’s time without the experiencer.

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