Travelling Letters 2013

Three of my art pieces were selected to Travelling Letters 2013 exhibition! The theme, around which the exhibition was assembled this year was jazz music.

The three works that were selected are 120 x 85 cm digital prints. These three works are the first digital pieces of mine that are publicly displayed.

Thank you so much Kauno Association for the grant you gave in your infinite wisdom to me!

1. Electro Jazz

The artwork Electro Jazz is a visual interpretation of Nu Jazz music. In the electric jazz I am especially enchanted by the cutting synthetic soundscape that is connected to the swinging and winding rhythm.

The edge, the penetrating style, the winding rhythm and the strong round basso form the elements of the artwork.

2. Form ABA

The artwork Form ABA is inspired by the ABA construction that is used in many pieces of jazz music where the beginning and the end are totally or almost identical and the part in between is improvised.

The elements of the artwork are the sameness and the disparity.

3. Working Jazz

The conceptual origin of the artwork Working Jazz is the actual origin of jazz or an idea of it.

The elements of the artwork consist of the second industrial revolution, the American black working class and the jazz music that evolves from it.


The exhibition has been in:

Helsinki Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland

Lithuanian Culture Centre, Warsaw, Poland

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